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Cape Cod Hearing In The News. – Mon, Mar 9th 2009

Now Hear This: Dr. Theresa Cullen talks about hearing loss.
Do you often ask people to repeat themselves? Do you have difficulty following conversations in a crowded restaurant?...

Women at Work on Cape Cod – Thu, Jan 15th 2009

When we encountered the 2007 calendar published by the Cape Cod chapter of the American Business Women’s Association, we were intrigued by the images of a dozen professional…

Take the Baby Boomer Hearing Test – Thu, Jan 15th 2009

We asked our audiology consultant, Dr. Theresa Cullen of Cape Cod Hearing Center, to help us help our readers address one of the most common realities of the 55-plus crowd:...

Call it a Personal Communication Assistant – Thu, Jan 15th 2009

If you are between the ages of 46 and 64, 15 percent of you already have hearing problems. Two of three people with hearing loss are below the traditional retirement age. Six out…

What Did You Just Say? – Thu, Jan 15th 2009

She did not plan it this way, but Dr. Theresa Cullen could not have chosen a more fertile location for her audiology practice than Cape Cod. Consider that the average age of…

Now Hear This – Thu, May 1st 2008

That is why in the early stages of hearing loss, people find it more difficult to hear the voices of women and children, while the deeper voices of men may still be clear.